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Coming events...

Cathedral events:

The 20's and 30's Group at the Washington National Cathedral would like you to know about:

1) Bible Study. They will host a young adults Bible study beginning in January on Tuesday nights, 6:30pm to 8pm. It will run each Tuesday from January 7th to February 11th in the Cathedral Library.

2) Winter Retreat.They will also have a young adults Winter Retreat over the weekend of January 31st through February 2nd. You can reach out for more information via email here!


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Personal Finances & Faith

We are putting together a one-day retreat for young adults on the way that our faith and finances intersect, to be held on Saturday March 14th and the location TBD. Interested?

We'll have a limited space for the day, and a cost of $15 to cover lunch. To keep informed, drop an email to Rev. Todd!

More Jesus More Love

Our revival video (4 hours long) is available on YouTube! Here's a handy time stamp guide: (hour:minute:second)

  • Soul in Motion African drumming and dancing 00:28:40

  • East of the River steelband, 00:43:00

  • Trinity Choir, 00:56:15

  • Angela’s Witness, 1:01:54

  • Julio Cuellar and Band, 1:05:30

  • Rachel’s witness, 1:19:00

  • Raymond Reeder & Friends, Gospel Band 1:22:30

  • Bishop Mariann welcomes us, 1:39:30

  • Isaiah with our Psalm reading (118), 1:46:30

  • Jason’s witness, 1:47:00

  • Jairo’s witness, 1:59:00

  • Jennifer’s witness, 2:04:30

  • Higher Love, 2:14:30

  • Gospel reading in Spanish & English, 2:16:45

  • Presiding Bishop Curry's sermon, 2:18:00

  • Prayers of the People, 3:10:50

  • Presiding Bishop Curry's Blessing, 3:47:00

This is the website for all things hosted by and for young adults in The Episcopal Diocese of Washington, DC. Other great online resources include The Episcopal Church, the main page for The Way of Love​ initiative, and our Office of Government Relations with policy statements and responses.
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