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Save The Date! On Friday evening, January 24th, 2020, our Young Adults of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington have a special evening planned with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry! We'll hear him speak from 7-8pm and enjoy a social hour from 8-9pm. Please RSVP and share the news!



What do we mean by "young adults?" The Episcopal Church officially sets the age range for young adult ministries at 18-30. In the Diocese of Washington we also say 20's & 30's, recognizing that our young adults may range a bit past the age of 30. 

What will we do on the evening of the 24th?  We will split our two hours with Bishop Curry into an hour of hearing him speak and take questions, and a social hour to follow in which we can meet and greet the Bishop personally and one another.

Do I have to be an Episcopalian to attend?  No, of course not. You don't even have to be a Christian. We simply ask you to RSVP with the Eventbrite link and enjoy and be respectful of Bishop Curry.

Do I have to be a young adult to attend?  The short answer is, yes. While there will be some church staff and others on hand that evening who are not necessarily so young in their adulthood, we do ask everyone not 18 to their 30's to allow us to host the young adults for this evening. It is indeed very exciting when the Presiding Bishop comes to town and we have a host of events that weekend where you can hear him speak and say hello... check out our Diocesan weekend event page here: More Jesus More Love! You can even volunteer to help make the weekend a memorable experience!

What will we serve at the social hour?  We'll have some lite snacks for everyone, including our vegan sisters and brothers, and alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. We always encourage everyone to drink safely and responsibly, and our staff that evening will be happy to help anyone secure a taxi, Uber/Lyft or escort to the Metro for a safe ride home. You can look here for more information about our Diocesan policy on alcohol at events.

What can I do right now to help make it a great evening?  Glad you asked! We covet your prayers for the evening and for safe travel for the Presiding Bishop. We would also love it if you could pass along information on the evening to other young adults in the Diocese, share it on social media and make sure your parish is letting young adults know all the important details! Thanks!

This is the website for all things hosted by and for young adults in The Episcopal Diocese of Washington, DC. Other great online resources include The Episcopal Church, the main page for The Way of Love​ initiative, and our Office of Government Relations with policy statements and responses.
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